PC Films

This material is formed by a condensation polymerization resulting in a carbon that is bonded to three oxygens. The most common system for this polymerization is formed by a reaction of bisphenol A and phosgene. Applications of polycarbonate are almost always those which take advantage of its uniquely high impact strength and its exceptional clarity. These unique properties have resulted in applications such as bulletproof windows, break resistant lenses, compact discs, etc. More recently however, additional interest has resulted because of the low flammability of polycarbonate.


 About We Joing


We Joing Enterprise established in 1993, was the authorize dealer by Bayer Material Science Taiwan Limited, the main business of PC film (PC Film), and is widely used in traditional nameplates, membrane switches, household appliances, automobile interior components and other products, being designed with mobile communication products in the consumer electronics market gradually expand the scale when, in 1999, the introduction of Bayer's original "HP decoration" process (In-Mold Decoration-IMD process), imported easily stretch forming the Bayfol ® film series are widely used in the commercial phone keypad, housing and other product applications, so that the business grow steadily ever since. We Joing in related fields to spare no effort to promote the film, covered the thermoplastic carbon fiber & fiberglass cloth, can be UV Ink Printing TPU Film, hydrophilic PET film, conductive films such as low carbon steel, are of growing business We Joing items.

Faced with rapid changes in the industrial structure, starting in 2011, We Joing develop its own products, will once again raise the level of film applications and integration of existing resources will be shifted B2B B2C customer segments by the parallel between the two, hoping the film industry can be extended to more deep customer base.